Camilo’s Actor, A Closer Look at the Talent Behind the Role

Camilo Madrigal, an individual in Disney’s 2021 animated movie Encanto, is a supporting character within the story. He belongs to the Madrigal own family as the middle infant of Pepa and Félix Madrigal, with an older sister named Dolores and a younger brother named Antonio. Camilo is affectionately called the “theatre kid” of the Madrigals, blessed with the notable capacity to shapeshift into everybody he desires.

In addition to his immediate circle of relatives, Camilo is related to Julieta, Bruno, and Agustín as their nephews. He is likewise the cousin of Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel, being Mirabel’s 2d-oldest cousin and sharing an identical age. During their first five years, Camilo and Mirabel shared a nursery collectively. However, on Camilo’s 5th birthday, he acquired the extraordinary present of Shapeshifting, prompting him to move into his very own room.

Using his magical ability, Camilo assists the mothers of Encanto by turning into the village’s babysitter, showing his natural skills in worrying youngsters. In his enjoyment time, he sometimes enjoys the usage of his shapeshifting powers to play innocent pranks on his family, especially his father and Isabela.

Despite owning a gift less directly beneficial to the network, Camilo is perceived as having fewer obligations inside his family than others. Nevertheless, he stories stress and insecurities like every other member of his circle of relatives. Beneath his joyful facade, Camilo conceals his fears, and it’s miles cited that he’s nevertheless identifying his proper identity, indicating he struggles with self-identity troubles. Unlike his sister and older cousins, Camilo has no recollection of Bruno, as his uncle has been secretive all through the final years he spent with his own family earlier than in the long run, disappearing when Camilo turned only 5 years old.

Voice Debugging Actor

Rhenzy Feliz, a Dominican actor and voice actor, was selected to lend his voice to the character of Camilo. Camilo encanto voice actor age  is 25 years old. Before his involvement in the Encanto auditions, Feliz had already made a name for himself by portraying Alex Wilder within the 2017–2019 Marvel Comics stay-movement tv variation of Runaways.

When they got here to record his tracks for the track “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” Feliz felt an experience of anxiousness, as his musical abilities were no longer widely known. To prepare for the recording session and enhance his capabilities, he dedicated a whole week to listening again and again to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s demo of the song. Reflecting on his position, Feliz described Camilo as someone with a hint of insanity, drama, and a colourful personality—an entertainer by means of nature.

In many approaches, Camilo is a performer who aims to bring joy and laughter to anybody around him. As an actor, Feliz can relate to the desire to search for the spotlight and the delight it brings. Camilo, consequently, shares this aspiration and places himself accessible to capture people’s attention. While he embraces a laugh and exhilaration, he also deeply loves his family, demonstrating his concern for nature.


Camilo may be first-rate defined as a mischievous joker with a compassionate nature. He uses his abilities to entertain kids at the same time as every so often teasing others, as seen in his rendition of the playful song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and his trying to cheer up Antonio by imitating his father. 

At times, he might also make crude feedback, like when he joked about the circle of relatives being homeless after Casita was destroyed. However, Camilo also possesses a gentle facet, as proven whilst he sought to comfort his mother, Pepa, by presenting her tea and affectionately calling her “mami.” He deeply loves his circle of relatives and holds a robust attachment to Casita, much like everybody else. 

Notably, Camilo’s personality exhibits greater rudeness, sassiness, sarcasm, and arrogance than his portrayal in the movie. During Mariano and Isabela’s failed inspiration dinner, he overtly shares Bruno’s vision with his father and ponders whether or not Mirabel will jeopardise his present, whereas, within the film, Camilo becomes disturbed approximately by the magic’s safety.

Physical Qualities

Camilo, a 15-12 months-antique Colombian boy, has a slim frame and a light golden-brown complexion. His curly, darkish brown locks cascade gracefully, framing his hazel, inexperienced eyes. Freckles delicately sprinkle across his nostril and cheeks, enhancing his younger appeal. Additionally, his eyelids bear a dusky colouration, including an intriguing appeal to his countenance.

Out of all his family, Camilo is the grandchild who bears the nearest resemblance to his Abuelo Pedro. Despite their varied pores and skin tones, facial systems, and hair, they share several trends, including comparable facial expressions and a penchant for style inherited from Pedro. Camilo, just like his late grandfather, adorns a white lengthy-sleeved blouse with rolled-up sleeves and an unbuttoned collar. The blouse is famously a fanciful touch with mismatched buttons, even as simplest the proper side is neatly tucked into his pants.

His apparel is accompanied by black slacks and black sandals adorned with difficult white etchings. To complete his ensemble, he dons a yellow ruana adorned with deeper yellow streaks. Notably, Camilo’s garb showcases a chameleon motif, with chameleons decorating his shirt collar, ruana, and sandals, symbolizing his innate capacity to conform and trade.

Abilities and Powers

Shapeshifting: Camilo has the ability to change his shape and can take on the appearance of any living being he has ever seen. When he changes shapes, his clothing also changes to take on the appearance of the person whose shape he is acquiring. Camilo has a very refined grasp of his ability; he can shapeshift only specific areas of his body at will, change the size of his forms, and adopt more pronounced characteristics.

He will uncontrollably and violently change shapes in response to stress, shock, and pain. When Camilo feels alarmed by Bruno’s vision, he instantly changes into Mirabel and Bruno. Soon after, his mouth slants and his eyes bulge and turn away from one another. When he is anxious or terrified, his arms get short and little, and his head becomes an infant on top of his adolescent body. The power of Camilo cannot conceal wounds. The damage would still be present if he were to hurt himself while shapeshifting into another person and then return to himself.

Other skills: Camilo also showed good speed and agility when he used his ability to transform into children and adults to run, jump, and slide through the crumbling portions of the house. After much practice, Camilo can execute vocal impressions naturally, and his voice can also vary to match the person he transforms into. Camilo works odd jobs since he is a “Jack of all trades” who can do everything, unlike most of his relatives who specialize in one job.


In conclusion, Camilo’s actor is an extremely good expert who has captivated audiences with his high-quality performances. With an exquisite ability to encompass diverse characters and convey them to life on display, he has proven to be a flexible and skilled actor. His dedication to his craft is clear in the intensity and authenticity he brings to every position, leaving a lasting impression on visitors. 

Camilo’s capacity to deliver complicated feelings and connect to audiences to an emotional degree is surely extremely good. His commitment to his characters, blended with his herbal air of secrecy and level presence, makes him a pressure to be reckoned with within the enjoyment industry. As his career continues to flourish, it’s evident that Camilo’s actor has a brilliant future in advance, and we eagerly look ahead to his subsequent captivating performance.


Who does Camilo love?

Despite his long service to Polixenes, Leontes has always had his highest regard. Leontes marries him to Paulina upon his return, having observed that Camillo is in love with the woman.

Why is Camilo so famous?

Won the talent competition Factor XS in 2007 and made their debut in 2008. In addition, he is renowned for penning and directing popular songs for other musicians, such as “Sin Pijama” by Becky G and Natti Natasha and “Si Estuviésemos Juntos” by Bad Bunny. His accomplishments include two Grammy Awards nominations and five Latin Grammy Awards.

How old is Camilo in Encanto?

Camilo, a 15-year-old “theatre kid” who frequently assumes several personas, is just a hair older than Mirabel. This is why it surprises the Madrigals when Mirabel did not receive a present after Camilo did, as Bush recounts.

Who is the oldest child in Encanto?

The oldest child of Pepa and Félix is Dolores. She possesses the enchantment of heightened hearing. Keeping secrets from Dolores is impossible because she can hear hushed discussions across the Casita. The middle child of Pepa and Félix is Camilo.

Why does Camilo snap his fingers?

Camilo also snaps his index finger against the rest of his hand when Antonio’s room is exposed. This gesture is frequently used to express strong feelings, such as when something is extremely thrilling or when rumours are swirling. Camilo implies that Antonio’s room is on fire when he does this.

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