Inca London: Luxury South American Restaurant

Despite only opening in 2021, Inca London swiftly rose to prominence as one of Soho’s premier dining establishments. Head Chef Davide Alberti of Sumosan Twiga creates an unforgettable sensory experience with the Inca London menu, which features a variety of delicious South American dishes beautifully presented. Meanwhile, the Inca London entertainment enhances each dish at this restaurant with flavour and excitement. 

If you’re looking for the finest South American cuisine in Soho, London, Inca is your place. Would you like to reserve a table at Inca London for some of the finest South American cuisine in the world? Read this article until you reach a decision.

The Atmosphere

As soon as you step foot inside Inca London, you’ll experience both the refined atmosphere and the laid-back, carefree spirit for which Latin America is known. Subdued lighting, exposed brick walls, ornamental turquoise shutters, plants, and artwork create an ideal ambience.

The restaurant has an ingenious concept with tables arranged around a stage. Once the lights go off, you’ll be grateful that this setup allows guests to see the Inca London performances well.

The Inca London Menu

The cuisine at Inca London is vibrant with taste, texture, and colour, including both traditional and contemporary interpretations of Latin American favourites. An exquisite illustration of the Inca cuisine’s signature soft and flexible texture is the Hamachi Yellowtail Tiradito. The platter is encircled by vivacious greens and warm, brilliant yellows, making it appear really welcoming.

At the same time, the butterfly sea bream from Amazonia is stunning because of its multicoloured and textured pattern. The sea bream’s smoky, fried skin, the tender tortilla it’s served on, and the crisp, refreshing veggies sandwiched between the two. In sum, the dish is a work of art. This is only a small sampling of the incredible range of foods offered by Inca London.

The Inca London Coffee Bean is a dessert staple and a house speciality. The filling consists of beautiful hazelnut and caramel sponge, mascarpone mousse, coffee liqueur, and Peruvian coffee—famous for its sweet and nutty profile. You won’t regret giving your tummy room for this light and delicious dessert.

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Gliding by London’s famous sites is like taking a ride on a fairytale as you experience a new level of luxury transportation. Indulging in a journey that starts and finishes with unmatched luxury is what booking a trip to Inca London is all about. It’s more than simply organising transport; it’s a statement. Your travels to and from this legendary location should be just as memorable as your time spent there, so it’s important to arrive in comfort and luxury. It is, at its core, a jubilant ode to the pampered visitor who demands the finest.


The tables at Inca London are arranged around a stage so that customers may enjoy the performance to the fullest, as mentioned above. Even more crucially, the central stage allows performers unrestricted interaction with the patrons seated at the tables.

However, acrobats, dance groups, traditional samba dancers, and vocalists perform a variety of activities in Inca London. Every performance in the restaurant is quite energetic, and that’s before you even mention the interactive and immersive displays. You may think you’ve been whisked away to the vibrant Rio Carnival for a second.


Inca is now widely considered to be among Soho’s best restaurants. That’s why it might be challenging to get a reservation at a popular spot, particularly during peak seasons and on busy days. Because of how much time an Inca London reservation may save, we suggest making one in advance. In the meanwhile, after dinner, seek out the top Mayfair club alternatives if you want to maximise your night.

Inca London Dress Code

Elegant sartorial rigour is required at the Inca London. Wearing something chic that complements the restaurant’s posh ambience is a must while eating at Inca. Put simply, males should wear dress shirts and smart pants; a jacket or suit vest is also a nice accessory. And ladies, a pair of heels with a skirt and a stylish top or dress is sure to turn heads.


Just a short two-minute stroll from the Oxford Circus tube station is Inca London, at 8-9 Argyll St. Its proximity to Tape Club London, a top VIP club in London, makes it an ideal pre-clubbing place; the two locations are just approximately six minutes apart on foot. Inquire about the Tape London VIP table reservations and guestlist if you want to take your evening to the next level.

Opening Hours

  • Wednesday – Thursday: 8:00 PM – 1:00 AM
  • Friday – Saturday: 7:00 PM – 3:00 AM
  • Sunday: 8:00 PM – 1:00 A

For good reason, Inca London ranks among Soho’s best eateries. This restaurant offers South American food with a contemporary and refined twist. Overall, it’s a great place to take a date or a small group of friends for an enjoyable evening that will broaden your taste buds. The proximity to Tape Club London makes it even more appealing. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to plan a wonderful evening to accompany your supper.

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