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The Pros and Cons of Infrared Thermometers

Infrared thermometers are no new thing. Though they have been around for some time at this point, they continue to become a fixture in homes and businesses alike. That’s because they offer a litany of benefits that only infrared thermometers could.

There is a lot of ground to cover but it helps to know what the pros and cons of using an infrared thermometer are. Check them out below and see if infrared thermometers are for you.

Pro: Non-Contact

While it may not necessarily jump to mind, using an infrared thermometer from a vendor like RS is great because you don’t have to actually make contact to get a reading. Why is this such a good thing? It can be used on several people in short order without having to consider sanitation or cleaning first.

There are other thermometers out there that require physical contact to get a reading. Using infrared thermometer technology, it is possible to get a reading in no time at all without having to do any kind of preparation or cleanup ahead of time.

Con: Not as Accurate as Contact Thermometers

That’s not to say that infrared thermometers are not accurate. That said, they aren’t quite as accurate as you would get with a contact thermometer. For the most part, infrared thermometers are within a degree or two depending on the application. That’s not bad but it’s not as accurate as some would like.

Though infrared thermometers can be used for things like food preparation, they may not be quite as accurate as needed. In those settings, timing and accuracy are critical to prevent the dish from being over or under prepared. Infrared thermometers are quite versatile and convenient but might not be as precise as need be.

Pro: Quick Measurements

There are plenty of reasons why infrared thermometers should be at your disposal, both in the home or at your place of business. One of the biggest reasons to have an infrared thermometer ready to go is that it can produce readings in as little as one second.

For reading body temperature, it isn’t all that big of a deal to wait five or ten seconds. For food preparation, getting an instant reading is critical to ensure that the temperature is right where it should be. Don’t overlook the convenience to be had by getting an instant reading out of your infrared thermometer.

Con: Can’t Measure All Surfaces

At their core, infrared thermometers are great for measuring the surface of something. The problem is that not all surfaces are created equally. Differences can lead to inaccurate temperature readings. For instance, shiny metals tend to be more difficult to garner a reading from.

It also can’t read the internal temperature, which would be necessary for the automotive industry. Available surfaces must be clean and somewhat dull in order to garner the most accurate reading possible, otherwise you will probably need to find another means through which to take that surface temperature.

Pro: Wide Range of Temperatures

A major reason that infrared thermometers are so common is because they are versatile. Sure, they are convenient and easy to use, but being able to apply them for a number of different applications is a huge plus and ensures that you don’t have to gather several different tools.

They are largely used to take body temperature but can be applied to food preparation or just garnering the temperature of certain surfaces. Whatever you need it to do, an infrared thermometer is perfectly capable of getting the job done, making it a perfect choice for home or business.

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