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Who Is Janet Von Schmeling? The Vital Information About Janet Von Schmeling

Model, actress, producer, businesswoman, and manager Janet Von Schmeling is from the United States. She became well-known for her performance in the 2017 film Dawning of the Dead. Since then, she has appeared in several films and TV shows, including Just Jenna (2016) and Painting Autumn (2017). Her husband, Drake Bell, is another interesting fact about her. 

Drake Bell is a talented American actor, musician, singer, and composer. He had his first broadcast live appearance on Home Improvement (1994) when he was five years old, launching his acting career. It was recently discovered that Janet Von Schmeling is married to Drake Bell. It was also well known that each of the two stunning partners had a newborn child. As far as is known, the couple welcomed a newborn boy, and paparazzi have captured photos of them spending time as a family.

Janet Von Schmeling Biography

Who is Janet Von Schmeling, a United States citizen Janet Von Schmeling was born in Orlando, Florida. Chief Master Von Schmeling is her father, and Barbara Von Schmeling is her stepmother. Her father, Chief Master Von, is a real estate broker, and her mother, Barbara, is a hairstylist. Hermann Von Schmeling, a brother, and Victoria Von Schmeling, a sister, are her two half-siblings. 

She graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She graduated from the same academic institution with a Master’s in Criminal Justice Administration. She spent her early and formative years in the same location as her birth. She left Orlando when her professional life began to take off.


The young celebrity is not all that old. She started working when she was very young. Her birthday, June 1, falls in the year 1994. Janet Von Schmeling age is 29 years old (2023).

Additionally, she has always shared her birthday with her family since she was a young child. Gemini is Janet Schmeling’s horoscope sign. Whether Janet Schmeling accepts zodiac signs or not is unknown.


Janet is a model, actress, producer, businesswoman, and manager from the United States. The Greys, a 2015 short video, featured the American actress for the first time as Lane. She portrayed a Troubled/Smoking Teen in Just Jenna’s TV movie in 2016. The actor performed the part of Kaycee in the 2017 television series BuzzFeed Murder Mystery Stories. Janet has posed for companies, including Converse and Vans. Additionally, she has written for many publications, including Marie Claire UK and Cosmopolitan UK. She currently serves as the magazine Esquire UK’s chief editor. 

Ethnicity of Janet Von Schmeling

Janet Von Schmeling was born into a Paraguayan-American household. It is unknown if her Paraguayan origin comes from her mother or father. She has never referred to her ethnicity. But it is well known that she was born in America. It would be best if you held off on asking Janet Von Schmeling about her ethnic background until she does. However, she married Drake Bell, who was born in America. Therefore, it is still being determined what ethnicity the couple will give their child.

Parents of Janet Von Schmeling

Janet Von Schmeling’s parents have raised her entirely by himself. She was born and raised in a big joint family. She was raised among her siblings. About her mother, nothing is currently known. Perhaps Janet Von Schmeling is embarrassed to mention her name due to her parent’s divorce. In 2008, her father wed an American woman. Janet did not encounter any resistance when accepting her stepmother. She also has a step-sister with whom she gets along well. Janet has a brother and a sister in addition to her parents. She frequently uploads photos of them to Instagram. 

Profession of Janet Von Schmeling

Janet started working soon after receiving her degree. She started out in the entertainment business through modeling. She is still working on her modeling career, but in addition to that, she has acted and is renowned for being a skilled actress. She has additionally posed for a well-known clothing company. She developed into an entrepreneur and launched her own clothing line.

Husband of Janet Schmeling

Drake Bell is married to Janet Von Schmeling. You must have seen and heard about him from the Nick program Drake and Josh. The relationship between the two people lasted a while. Janet Von Schmeling and Drake Bell first dated in 2017. The two of them eventually got married the following year.

The couple recently confirmed that they were expecting a boy. Additionally, the family was spotted having fun together at Disneyland. The family continued to be spotted together on the streets and in numerous other locations after that. The pair did not postpone their nuptials, and with the approval of their families, they exchanged promises.

Janet Von Schmeling

When did Drake Bell and Janet Von Schmeing part ways?

According to reports, Schmeling and Bell split up in 2022. In January 2023, a source told People that the actress had left Bell “a few months ago.” “Janet is committed to raising their son,” they continued. Drake and Janet have committed to upholding a harmonious co-parenting arrangement and providing their baby with the best life possible. In addition, the source added, “Drake needed to take time to get help and focus on his health,” referring to his drug misuse. They formerly had some amazing, lovely times, according to a different insider who spoke to Page Six. If he focuses on maintaining his health, they’ll be wonderful future co-parents.

When did Drake Bell and Janet Von Schmeling tie the knot?

Schmeling and Bell dated for five years before getting married in 2018 without anyone knowing. Jeremy is the name of the son that the two share. The 36-year-old tweeted in Spanish on June 30, 2021, announcing that he had secretly wed Schmeling three years prior and that the two of them had a “wonderful” son.

In response to several untrue rumors, I have been married for about three years, and my wife and I are fortunate to be the parents of a fantastic kid. Thank you very much to all of my admirers for their well wishes, the translated tweet reads.

Bell made this announcement two weeks after entering a guilty plea to two criminal counts of attempting to injure a minor by sending inappropriate messages to a girl aged 15 in 2017. In July 2021, he was subsequently given a sentence of two years of probation and community service.

Reports about Drake Bell’s suicide

The police listed Bell as “missing and endangered” a few days ago. Later, a representative for the Daytona Police Department said, “At this time, we can confirm law enforcement officials are in contact, and Mr. Bell is safe.” The celebrity tweeted about the incident later. While Bell has joked about the situation, some accounts claim that he had a “fall out” with Schmeling that resulted in a “possible attempted suicide.” According to the Orlando Police Department, the actor texted friends threatening to “get drunk and hang himself.”

Net Worth

Janet Von Schmeling net worth is thought to be worth $1 million. Her acting, modeling, and public relations careers provide most of her income. In addition, Von makes money through promotions, media appearances, and photo shoots.


Due to her connection to Drake Bell, public figure Janet Von Schmeling has attracted attention. She has a successful career in various fields and has participated in charitable activities despite keeping a low profile in the media. Her private life, particularly her connection with Drake Bell, has drawn public and media attention. Even though there may not be much information about her upbringing and background, her contributions to society and her work in the entertainment sector are noteworthy. The narrative of Janet Von Schmeling is intriguing and intriguing, and she is still a well-known public figure.

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Who is Janet Von Schmeling?

Fashion designer Janet Von Schmeling is well-known for her exquisite designs and unique sense of style. She has established a solid following of admiring fashion fans thanks to her success in the field.

What is Janet Von Schmeling’s design aesthetic?

The blend of elegance, inventiveness, and attention to detail defines Janet Von Schmeling’s design aesthetic. Her designs frequently include complex patterns, plush fabrics, and painstaking craftsmanship. She has a talent for fusing traditional components with modern flourishes to create designs that are both timeless and unique.

Where can I find Janet Von Schmeling’s designs?

Select high-end shops and upscale department stores worldwide carry Janet Von Schmeling’s creations. She also maintains a presence online, and customers may buy her collections from accredited online merchants or on her official website.

Has Janet Von Schmeling won any prestigious prizes or accolades?

Janet Von Schmeling has received numerous awards and prizes for her talent and services to the fashion business. She has received significant awards, including the honor of Fashion Designer of the Year, and has been highlighted for her outstanding work in well-known fashion journals.

Is it possible for me to work with Janet Von Schmeling or order a unique design?

Although Janet Von Schmeling’s availability for partnerships or customized designs may change, getting in touch with her or her team is still worthwhile to enquire about such chances. You might find contact details or instructions for collaboration requests on her official website or social media accounts.

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